Monday, April 12, 2010

Letters from Island of Misfit Toys

Well now, how does this story begin? Like all good stories there is a struggle and a resolution. The struggle is common to all of us...but even more to those who truly don't belong to this culture, this system, this world.
I have always been a misfit. I was the kid that looked stupid, acted weird and lived in a age before behavior meds. Daily, I proved you can dig a hole deep enough to hide in with a tool no bigger than your own tongue. Over the years God has smoothed off the sharp edges on some of my issues with the brutal reality of life. Now mostly fit for human consumption and public life...I am still a misfit.
The resolution has been there all along. Hard to see and often ignored...God waits behind the curtain of the universe. He seeks out those whom He can love, who will accept His awesome call to become adopted, to become the children of the King. Many who were misfits in this world are now double dippers...for now we are aliens and strangers from another reality, the Kingdom of heaven.

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